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1187099_10103657990409710_7155517149628199041_nHello! So glad you found me and my blog.  I started this blog as a way to document all of my baking creations and share them with you!  After I graduated with a Bachelors in IT I worked 2 years in industry before leaving to go to the Culinary Institute of America.  Going to culinary school was awesome and getting to bake and experience new food daily was such a treat. When I graduated I returned to IT and opened a baking business on the side. Now, by combining my technical and artistic side I am able to share all of my favorite foods with you.

Now that you know my background, here is a little bit more about me.  I am a self proclaimed workaholic.  I love the tedium of baking because it makes me feel like I am accomplishing things.  I like anything crunchy, I love the texture of sugar, and I adore butter.  I sing in the car loudly and badly and I listen to talk radio every morning because it is wonderfully ridiculous.  I dance 4-5 times a week and I run in the rain.  I bake and bake and bake until I find the perfect recipe.  Everything you find here is a result of me trying out recipes to find perfection.  Anything else you want to know about me please ask.

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